The Birth of a Platinum Venus

Creation and Obstruction

Information Hotline
2 September 1987
*streams 70s science fiction music* It's late in the year of 2008. I am 21 years old. I got to community college located in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. My best friend is Blue, he is my childhood pet and the reincarnation of James Dean. I'm just your average bioroid. *ends music*

A million miles fall from Graceland and I'm still swinging true.

One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain... so hit me with music, brutalize me with music - Bob Marley

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

57 chevy bel air, across the universe, ameoba music, animation, anime, anthropology, apocalyptica, art, backyard gigs, beverly hills library, big dumb face, boots, cab calloway, cannibalistic nuns, cheese, chocolate pudding, chuck palaniuk, clerks, clown prince of crime, comics, corky&the juice pigs, cows with guns, cromartie high school, devil's panties, dew, dogma, drag queen, drawing, dreams, eat the day, eating, equal rights, fight club, firefighters, freakaziod, fuzzy slippers, gattaca, gay rights, gigs, girls with slingshots, glitterous, going-to-hell-because-of-the-tumor-people, goth boots, gourd, greasers, gsa, hair, hair dye, hairstyles, happy noodle boy, hedwig, hedwig&the angry inch, howl's moving castle, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, italian food, jack napier, jack off jill, jack-off-jill, jay&silent bob's secret stash, jerome russell, jew fros, johnny cash, joker, key club, korn, long hair, mallrats, marilyn manson, mewsick, mexican moose, mint chocolate, monty python, moo, mountain dew, mr. brown, mr. j, mr. spooky, mt. dew, mushroom tattoos, music, mutual-hate-of-powerpoint, my cat blue, my neighbor totoro, nekkid, nekromantix, new music, noise, nonsense, nudity, orgy, oriental metal, originality, overdrive, pet rocks, philippino food, picasso, po, pomade, pompadour, puddin', pumpkin pie, punk movement, punky colour, puzzles of personalities, quesadillas, rainbows, randomness, retro pin-ups, rock, second spin, sex, shara, shawshank redemption, shiney stoof, shit kicking boots, silent bob, sketching, spontaneousness, spoons, squatting, squeegees, squeeky cheese, stolen babies, stoof, storm drains, stuff, sugar, tainted meat, talking to animals, tattoos, the doors, the postal service, the spooky kids, the troubadour, things that go moo, toe socks, tori amos, tunnels, underground societies, urban exploring, vintage hairstyles, vintage items, violent femmes, wapsi square, warm innards, watchmen, we are wolves, whisky a go-go